Giving It All Up

Today’s Reading: Matthew 20:1-6; Luke 13:22-16:31; 17:20-35, 37; 18:1-14

For the last two years, I have been praying how to lead my office/people in accordance with God’s will. He has been so gracious in providing me with so much guidance, wisdom and courage to take steps I took, take and will take in the past, present and coming years. For that, among many verses in today’s reading, Luke 14:33 seems to be so close to my heart.

“In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.”

It is so hard to exchange my will for God’s will, even when I know His plan is much better than mine and His will is much more great than mine. As I read this verse, I keep wondering “what else did I not give up for Him yet?”

How about you? Have you sit down and worked out your cost of “building a tower”, of “going to a war” of “giving up everything” to be his disciple? If you have not, how about today? How about sitting quietly to list all your got – possession, positions, people, places, and more – that you hold onto and see if you have given up all of them to Him? If not, let God refine you in letting go and letting Him into your life – He will provide so much more than we can imagine by pouring His infinite love and abundant grace upon our lives. Try it today with one small step.

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