Gifts For Service

Today’s Reading: Numbers 3:1-13; 7 & 8

Here we are, getting really into the month of February. It takes some courage to wade through all the details (think of all the details in our loving Father’s mind, He hasn’t told us! – an all knowing Father, Who gives us just enough to realize He is indeed an all-knowing wise Father!) and the title for today’s reading is meaningful. Did you stop to think of what it must have been like to be CHOSEN – a Levite, to serve in a close intimidate way the great God of Israel? But then I remember that I too am chosen by a loving but holy Father to serve Him (Eph. 1:11). I notice too that the Levites were purified and commissioned to serve God, but the time in active service wasn’t that long – from 25 – 50 years, and I wonder if I have used that time well in my life – the best years of life to quietly lovingly serve my Father. But I am comforted that if I were a Levite, even although in life, I am older than 50, I still would be able to serve my loving Father. And I look to see if I like Jesus, when He was here on earth, can say, “I must be about my Father’s business!”

Interesting that when the leaders bring the gifts for their tribe, each leader brings the same gift to present to God! God is not a “partial” God and treats us all, lovingly, the same despite “what tribe” we are in!

I wonder if the Israelite wondered or actually knew why God would want wagons and oxen for to give to the Levites in their service. But later the families of Levi would be thankful for them because they had to move all the pieces of the tabernacle. On the other hand, the Kohathies had no wagon because they personally carried on their shoulders the most precious pieces. If I were a Levite in those days, what excitement to know that I was carrying a precious piece of the tabernacle. But today, I am wondering what “piece” in my life am I carrying for my loving Father!? On reflection, maybe I should ask Him today!?

And I hope no day goes by, but I like Moses, do not talk to Him, and hear His voice speaking to me personally who am His child, one of His people!

Have a good day, knowing God, our loving Father, and Jesus our Saviour, is right there with you, and as one verse says, “You matter to Him!”

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