Foundation Of A Nation

Today’s reading: Lev 12:1-8; 14:1-32; 15:13-15; 15:28-30; 19:11-22; 19:1-10

I find the multitude of detail that these passages contain to be some what overwhelming to take in all at once. But the thought that keeps encouraging me to continue with these reading is this:

God seems to place great value on this nation He has chosen. He gave them honour ( showing someone they have value) before they even did anything for Him, when they were still in Egypt as slaves.

Now, after He has chosen them, He is setting up this nation with a system. Everything that God asks them to create or do is given a meaning to help them remember who they are and more importantly who God is. Their lives, the way they lived, where to reflect these two things. All these actions are to show them that they are set apart as different (holy).

Today I have to ask myself that same question do I see the things I do as reminders of who I am and who God is?

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