Forbidden Fruit

How was the first day, everyone? Did you learn something interesting? As a new Christian, I did! There were TWO TREES – the tree of Life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is a minor detail, but I finally figured out that Adam and Eve were living forever at the Garden of Eden because they probably ate the fruits from the tree of Life! It was not a hand’s off fruit!

With more serious note, did you see how Eve made a decision? The forbidden fruit was (1) eatable, (2) looked good (desirable) and (3) giving her a benefit. Do I make a decision like that? I hate to admit, but I do. I look at (1) functionality (is my decision necessary?); (2) beauty (does my decision look good?) and (3) benefit (will my decision gain me something?) INSTEAD of asking (1) is my decision to follow God’s commandment? (am I obeying God?); (2) is my decision wise? and (3) is my decision a good idea or “God” idea?

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