Financial Prudence

Today’s Reading: Proverbs 3:9-10,27-28; 6:1-11; 10:4-5,15,26; 11:4,15,24-26,28; 12:11,24,27; 13: 4,8,22-23; 14:4,20-21,23,31; 15:15-16,19; 16:8,26; 17:16,18; 18:9,11,16,23; 19:4,6-7,15,17,24; 20:4,13,16; 21:13,17,20,25-26; 22:2,7,9,16-17,22-23,26,29; 23:4-5; 24:27,30-34; 25:14; 26:14; 27:8,18,23-27; 28:6,8,11,19-22; 29:7,13

I assume little in asserting that we all struggle with our finances. They can touch every aspect of life. From birth to burial and healthcare to happiness, someone has to pay something!

Our society is steeped in the culture of consumerism. So, in our work habits and money handling practices, many of us fail to honour God because we have been saturated with the World’s idea that wealth is the key to happiness and freedom.

My friends, let’s take seriously the proverbs we read today and put them into practice. As righteous individuals in Christ, let’s be hard (or diligent) workers and financially prudent, as we seek to glorify Him among our neighbours.

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