Epic Voyage

Today’s Reading: Acts 27:1-28:31

What a trip! I’ve had a few interesting experiences while traveling, but nothing like Paul and his companions on their voyage to Rome.

When Paul washes up on shore he had been through quite an ordeal (and just because he had God’s confirmation that he would get to Rome doesn’t mean it was easier for him). It would be understandable for him to say, “okay, it’s time for me to relax a little… let me sit down and catch my breath.” But he does no such thing! He starts helping the Maltese find wood for a fire. One thing led to another and soon the whole island had heard of Jesus Christ.

Paul saw struggles, setbacks, and such, as opportunities to serve others and speak to them about Jesus.

Although we may never be shipwrecked, we can still use the difficulties and trials we face in our lives to serve others and share our Lord with them.

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