Enjoy Life While You Can

Today’s Reading: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11; 6:10-12; 3:18-22; 2:12-16; 9:1-12; 8:16-17

To summarize Ecclesiastes 9:4-10, everyone dies and that is the end of everything they accomplished, thought, and felt. Even the memory of their name is forgotten (hence the need for genealogists)! So, enjoy the food, clothing, special occasions, family, and work God has given you!

Did you notice in the middle of that section (v.7), it says “Go”? Like God’s call to Abram to “Get up and go…!” (Gen. 12) this is an imperative. Essentially, don’t wait or procrastinate; do it now! Start to enjoy these things before time runs out! It’s easy to think “I’ll enjoy life when…” or say, “I’d be happier if…” But according to Solomon the sagest, we ought to enjoy our time here and now, regardless of circumstances. The questions of how and why will be answered by the end of Ecclesiastes. Until then, enjoy yourself!

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