Eating Well

How does days go so fast! Here I am on Thursday, thinking “what day is it? – oh, no!”

I got a week off from email reminder and here I am realized that I am 2 days behind! Don’t you feel like that before? I hate to admit, but I feel constantly like that!

Among many, I have chosen one verse – John 4:34: “My food” said Jesus “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.”

I find it so comforting. I don’t eat well when I am working because I get so distracted by so many things. Then, I ended up so hungry, grumpy and mad. Everyone in my office always asks me if I eat! When I read this verse, I was encouraged. No, I can’t live without eating, but I also know how precious and important to be fed by Christ every morning. Any day I end up skipping my daily prayer in the morning at work, I know that I am so in trouble. So this verse reminds me how important I get fed on His Word every day and hang onto Him in all things.

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