Eating Kosher

Today’s Reading: Exodus 22:31; 23:19; Leviticus 7:22-25; 11:4-47; 17:10-16; 20:25-26; Deuteronomy 14:3-5; 14:21

Interesting reading to read and think about what the connection is between the animals which an Israelite was allowed to eat, called clean, and which ones were not allowed and called unclean. Here God gives His own reasons in classifying them, but the underlying theme which keeps coming out is the idea that the Israelites were to keep themselves clean or holy! Interesting that dead animals which were for them not clean and which they were not allowed to eat, they could actually sell to foreigners, but God says you are a people set apart for Me and therefore not to eat unclean food. Food from an animal torn by wild beast could not be eaten but could be thrown to the dogs!

We are not under these rules anymore, because the New Testament tells us that all food is now made holy or acceptable because it is sanctified (made holy) by the Word of God and prayer – 1 Timothy 4:4-5. But I do know that some of the rules in the Old Testament carried over into the New Testament – such as not being immoral or worshiping idols (I would have expected these to last because they are foundational to our faith) but interesting enough, it says that the early church (& we in turn) are not to eat blood (Acts 15:28-30). And I always feel a sense of satisfaction in knowing that God has told us where life is in a person – “in the blood” and therefore, we are forbidden to eat it, but the modern medical world, I’m not sure but they don’t really seem to know where a person’s life is! (But God, the Creator certainly does!).

Lastly, I was thinking about the idea of eating – it sustains our life, and in a spiritual sense, the Word of God, which is our spiritual food, is what makes us strong as Christians and therefore this year we are reading the Chronological Bible together to encourage us to “feed” on the Word of God. But then I was thinking about spiritually, sometimes I don’t take time to read my Bible and I read, watch, listen to other things which certainly doesn’t build me up as a Christian! So I am thankful personally that I have been able to keep reading through the Bible together and when we share about what we are learning about our Creator God and Father and our Saviour Jesus, I am always so encouraged!

Hope you were able to keep up in the reading – yesterday’s was a little longer but today’s was a little shorter! But it’s worth the effort!

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