Dwelling Place

Today’s Reading: Psalms 76; 82; 84; 90; 92; 112; 115

I think there is a saying somewhat like, “To know Him is to love Him.” So in Psalm 76, his people see that God is not only “resplendent with light,” but that He will act in judgement when once it is time for Him to act on wickedness. So it is for us to know that God will judge the earth.

Interesting that this Psalm 84, is written of the sons of Korah. Although the ancestor, Korah, was destroyed by the fire of God, yet still some of his sons are gatekeepers for the entrance of the dwelling of the Lord and the song wells up in praise of God’s dwelling place and part of the song is what we sometimes sing – about rather being a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. And certainly although their father had been killed by fire from the Lord, this song calls on the Lord Almighty to hear their prayers! Closeness, not lost forever, but again restored. Truly His loving-kindness endures forever!

Isn’t it interesting that Psalm 90 is a prayer of Moses, the man of God and it speaks of the Lord being our dwelling place. This is the man of God who seems to have such free access into the presence of God – truly a friend of God! But this Psalm, on reflection of its contents, seems to talk also about the trials and discipline of God, which Moses would have personally experienced among the people of God. But his plea sounds so familiar – pleading for the restoration of the loving-kindness/and favour of God on His people! Was it because Moses, this man of God, knew deep within his heart, how dear the people of God were to his Friend, God’s heart? Is that true of you and I – ‘ the people of God – the apple of His eye.’

Psalm 92, has a gem I have always enjoyed – praise to proclaim His LOVE in the MORNING, and His FAITHFULNESS at NIGHT! Hopefully, I won’t forget to do that morning and night! And again the Psalm ends in the deep desire to be always in the courts of our God, close to Him, and proclaiming to God – His uprightness, my Rock and certainly no wickedness in Him! – a suitable Psalm for a special day, the Sabbath!

Psalm 112 – the triumph in the end, – a stedfast, secure heart, trusting in the Lord, no fear and seeing the Lord triumph!

And to end this section of Psalms, Psalm 115 seems to me to rise another step higher, in first of all, recognising all the glory of our beautiful God belongs to Him because of His LOVE and FAITHFULESS! How can idols ever compare to Him! Does this make you and I want to shout out to extol the Lord, both now and forevermore. Truly “Praise the Lord!” Is your heart happy, when you reflect on how great is our Lord and our loving Father> “Amen!”

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