Don’t Be Influenced By Evil

Today’s Reading: Proverbs 1:10-19; 3:29-32; 6:16-19; 10:2; 11:1; 12:17,20; 13:5,11; 14:5,25; 15:27; 16:11,29; 17:1,8,15,23,26; 18:5,17-19; 19:9,28; 20:10,17,21-23; 21:7,14-15,28-29; 22:28; 23:10-11; 24:11-12,23-26,28-29; 25:18,26; 26:17-19; 27:3; 28:5,10,17; 29:26

I recently heard on 96.7 CHYM FM’s John Tesh Radio Show that studies have been done showing that after just 6 months on the job, a person thinks more like their coworkers than when they started. For example, if someone has trained to be a teacher and gets a job as a banker until a teaching position opens up, after 6 months that person will think and talk more like a banker than a teacher. Tesh went on to advise those who have jumped into a job “just for the time-being, until I find something in my field” to get out of that job and start pursuing their dream job earnestly.

What does this have to do with today’s reading from Proverbs? Well, the first section, “Solicitation to evil,” advises the reader to not give in to the nudges of evil people to do evil (like what Tesh said). At one’s weakest point, they encourage him to do what is wrong to get his own back.

I know I’ve struggled with “getting my own” and letting my coworkers encourage me to sin in my life! It’s such an easy trap to run into.

As we interact daily with the yet-to-be-saved, let us be even more diligent not to have them rub off on us, but to turn the statistical studies John Tesh spoke of around so that we rub off on them for Christ!

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