Distracted By A Hobby

Today’s Reading: 2 Kings 14:17,21; 15:1-2,3; 2 Chronicles 25:26-28; 26:1-15; Hosea 10-14

What an illustration of failed leadership! Uzziah, as king, did what was right in God’s eyes, yet the people continued to sacrifice to false gods.

The high places King Uzziah did not remove were temples, altars, and sacred places dedicated to false gods (there were some, however, that were dedicated to Yahweh, although they still violated His commandment to only worship Him in the place He had chosen—Jerusalem).

Leaders are given the task of being responsible for and an example to those in their charge. Uzziah perhaps neglected to try to influence the people of Judah for good—either by tearing the high places down or by using his dynamic position to cause the people to want to be more like him—choosing to concern himself with his personal pastime—farming—instead.

May we who are leaders choose our people over our pastimes.

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