Check Your Bearings

Today’s Reading: Nehemiah 7:1-73; 11:1-26; 12:1-26

Here we go with accounting. I know some of you feel so “bored to tears” about accounting – so do I.

But, I do like accounting. It gives me a snap picture as to where I am in the middle of God’s story. Yes, I am one of those crazy people that I account for all our financial spending on excel spread sheet on a monthly basis. Why? I cannot improve when I do not know where I am. If I do not have a base line, how can I improve? If I do not know my position, what does it matter if God tells me to go “south”? [for all those people who know me well, “south” also does not mean much to me, because I am a directional-challenged person as well].

When is the last time you check where you are with God? Do you know where you are on your faith journey? Are you on the path God has led you or are you off His path? If you are not sure, how about you spending some time to review where you are, spiritually, financially, relationship-wise, health-wise, heart-wise? Then, ask God to show you the next step; He would be delighted in your seeking his help in your life!

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