Being Faithful

Today’s Reading: 1 Chronicles 23:1; 26:12-32; 27:1-29:22

One of my favourite peripheral characters in the story of David is Benaiah son of Jehoiada. So, when I read that he was the 3rd army commander for the 3rd month, it caught my attention! Then, I noticed that most of the other people mentioned today were already introduced in 1 Chronicles 11/2 Samuel 23 (pages 458-460). There they were just David’s mighty men; here they have been promoted.

It’s certainly true that those who are faithful in little things can be entrusted with bigger tasks. In what “little thing(s)” are you being faithful?

David’s preparation of both Solomon and Israel for building the temple and for succeeding him is thorough and thoughtful. Those of us who are leaders (in any way), are we raising up others (such as young people) to replace us when the time comes for us to step down? Who will take the lead in your place one day?

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