Are you FAT?

Today’s reading: Ezekiel 8:1–11:25

If you are scared to read today’s reading, I agree. No wonder we are having trouble reading the prophets, since it is quite scary to read what’s happening to people who are rebellious and disobedient in the eyes of God. I suppose that it should scary us enough to listen to God more, but frankly, I don’t think it works.

Indeed, if it worked, God would not have sent Jesus in the first place!

Ezekiel 11:1-13 deals with corrupt leaders were judged; again, it is quite the imagery God uses to describe his judgment upon leaders. Recently, I’ve heard in a sermon that “every member in your church is a minister and every leader in any organization is a learner” – this does make me ponder as to whether I am actually doing what God wants me to do in my situation.

Now, I will ask you something rude —- “Are you F.A.T.?”

Before you get upset, F.A.T. stands for “Faithful”, “Available” and “Teachable”. Pastor Rick Warren he asked the congregation last week– “if you are looking for a good leader, check if he or she is F.A.T.” You can only imagine what we thought we heard the term “FAT”. Then, when you translate, the question actually means:

“Are you Faithful?” — are you taking a risk in the name of the Lord? With all uncertainties in life, are you giving God an opportunity to show his glory in your faith in Him to jump off?

“Are you Available?” — it does not matter if you have ability to serve, if you are not available. Between “ability” and “availability”, it is “availability” that makes difference!

“Are you Teachable?” — do you have an ego problem, saying “only I can do this job because I know how to do it best”? Are you willing to serve with people who want to carry differently than you?

So let me ask you again – “Are you FAT enough to serve?”

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