For those of you are behind in your reading, please do pick one day reading you missed to catch up. For those of you who are right on, why not pick up something to read about God’s word?

How’s your application of the Bible into your life? Here is one tip I got from Rick Warren that I print & cut & stick it to my journal so that I can remember:

What makes a good application sentence? It has four characteristics:

  1. It’s personal. You can’t write an application for somebody else. It’s not about what the world needs to do or what your husband needs to do or what your kids need to do. It’s about what you need to do!
  2. It’s practical. Your application should be something you can actually do and something you are able to make a plan to do. Broad generalities won’t help you. In fact, they’ll produce little action and will make you feel helpless.
  3. It’s possible. If you can’t actually accomplish your application, you’ll likely get discouraged. If your application is that you need to pray five hours a day, you won’t do it. Don’t go a day without prayer. That’s practical. Praying for five hours isn’t practical.
  4. It’s provable. You need to set yourself a deadline to check on yourself. Until you set a deadline and a goal, you can’t check yourself. Then it’s just a dream.

For my application sentence today, “I want to spend 10 min to read one chapter of my current book – “Radical Together” – before I go to sleep.” It is personal because I want to read it; it is practical because I have the book with me because I have wanted to finish that book for so long (carrying it around my purse for the last month); it is possible because I can just open my purse and shut my door and read within the next 15 hours; it is provable because I read “one chapter” within 10 min — volume and time limit to meet.

So try to write one sentence & see if you can do it! Remember, it is action, not just Words, that counts!

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