Today’s Reading: Jeremiah 34:8-22; 49:34-39; 50:41-46: 51

I heard an interesting little story on the radio yesterday. A woman had heard on that radio program that one can often get a discount at the store by just asking for one (so long as one is paying in cash). She took that info and asked for a discount when she purchased something worth $1600 (for home renovations) with cash. To her delight, the store manager gave her a 10% discount! So, she emailed the station and told them about her experience. After sharing her story, the show host said to her, “good job applying that ‘intelligence for your life’ (the factoids he shares on his show)”.

This made me think about applying the Bible. Application is not agreeing with what you read; it’s not believing the Bible; it’s not seeing a need; it’s not hearing God’s voice; it’s not even deciding to do something! Application is actually DOING it. To apply is a verb, which makes it an action!

This woman on the radio didn’t just say “hmm, good to know,” or “I should try that sometime.” No, she went out and did it. She applied what she learned. Finding an application for a Biblical passage is pointless unless we go out and do it.

How are you doing in actually applying the Bible? Is there something you need to go out and do today?

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