Today’s Reading: Num. 3:14 – 34:51

The Book of Numbers is about ….. “numbers”! Yes, God wants us to account ourselves, very specifically. I find it interesting how specific, detailed and particular God is, even on counting people, things, procedures, etc. It is a hard book for me to read, since I am not so good with details. I find it easier if I have a ruler (small one) to lay out on each line I am reading – so I am only concentrating on each line as I read. Try it, if you have difficult to focus on each line!

After counting all people, the Lord is asking for the account for the tribe of Levites. I find it also very interesting how this is done: (1) Moses counted every male a month older or more; and he listed their names; (2) Each family is given a broad responsibility or responsible area; (3) each family is specifically accounted for every male between 30 and 50; their specific tasks are explained (job description); their supervisor is chosen; and any special caution or instruction (4) Moses accounts for every firstborn male who are a month old or more; such number was compared with the number of the Levites; (5) God made a specific redemption price for those who are exceeded in number of the Levites. How organized and planned! Do you know what is your job for God?

Did you note that the phrase “as he was commanded by the word of the Lord” was repeated 8 times as Moses/Aaron was counted people. I find it much easier to follow instruction as I confirm each instruction step by step. God is giving specific instruction and Moses/Aaron was confirming each step as they carried out. There was no grumbling, no complaint, no argument, no denial, no “I can’t do this” or even no “I am too tired”. Finally, Moses/Aaron learn to say “yes” when God says anything. Do we say “yes” when God instructs to us?

Can you recall what is the last thing God instructed you to do? If not, let’s ask God what is our part/job in his plan before we make any mistake or try to do something that is not our job!

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