Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 14:25-33; 15:1-16:14; Psalm 3

Not half an hour had passed since I sent you the daily email yesterday when I arrived at work, excited to hopefully leave early so I could depart for a weekend away in Lunenburg & Halifax, Nova Scotia. My hopes were dashed to bits when my boss informed me that there were too many people missing and too much work for anyone to go home early. Disappointment quickly turned to anger, which evolved into rage within moments. Now angry, I vented to everyone around, swearing to myself and showing no patience with anything. I thought of different ways to get out; like say I’m sick (lie), or have Tammany call with an “emergency” (also a lie). But then my words came back to me: all sin has consequences, and you will reap them! What consequences might there be to my testimony if I continue to be angry, I thought. Or, what of my integrity if I lie my way out? And what if God is keeping me from a car accident?

As I said, I desperately need to learn these lessons.

My next thought turned to accepting what God had done or given me. I could do norhing but accept the fact that God had not allowed me to leave when I desired. This was the sort of attitude David had when Shimei walked alongside David, cursing him. David realized that God may have put Shimei there for a reason and did not fight or kill him!

With that frame of mind, I was able to have peace about my circumstances. If only we would learn to see even unpleasant situations in our lives as permitted by God for our ultimate benefit and growth!

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