A Promise & A Warning

Today’s Reading: Leviticus 22:31-33; 26:3-46; Numbers 15:37-41; Deuteronomy 12:32; 31:9-13

Congratulation! We finished the law section! We will be going to war tomorrow! (I meant the reading, not in real life!)

I find it also interesting how hard for God to let us go — despite of disobedience, God put over 7 attempts for us to return to him. It is an incredible love God blesses upon us – which reminds me of another promise he gives to us – he will “never leave us or forsake us”.

Some of women at our church did a bible study last night about the God’s promise. Sheila Walsh was talking about how our modern society cheapened the word, “promise”, by having so many broken promises around us. Use this cream on your face – you will look younger within 5 days; Run on this treadmill for 2 weeks – you will lose 30 lb; and so on. After having so many broken promises in life, we almost expect promises to be broken or we receive a promise as “if it actually happens, that is super lucky for us”. God’s promise is not like that – his promise is in the form of Christ in our life – someone we can build our life upon.

Today’s passage is about God’s warning on our disobedience. But, if we are so desensitized on the word, “promise”, in our life, no wonder we doubt God’s promise in this passage; we lost our trust in the word, “promise”, so that we doubt and we disobey, but justify our disobedience by arguing “we don’t know if your promise would come true”. For that, I find Sheila Walsh’s following statement really hits my heart this morning — “Our faithlessness does not diminish God’s faithfulness to us” How true!

Will you obey God’s words with your trust in God to be faithful to you? The answer should be always “yes” in Christ and “amen” by us (2 Corinthian 1:20)!

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