A Bad Situation Made Worse

Dinah’s rape, sent a chain reaction in her family. In the situation that presented itself, I think we could all understand how upset and angry her family became. But instead of pausing and asking God how to handle Schechem’s offer of marriage. The brother’s responded with deception and hatred.

I once heard the following saying:

“When something had got to be done, I cannot violate the:

  1. Law of God
  2. The Principals of God or
  3. The wisdom of God

to do God’s will.”

We go on to see that they do not follow the above and in the process wipe out an entire city. Though through it all we see the heart of God call his people back. God commands Jacob to return to Bethel meaning “the house of God“, even in this journey God is merciful and protects Jacob and his household from being followed. Upon arrival the company is asked to put away their false idols and all are buried under a tree. What idols or (things are you putting in your life before God) that God may be calling you to put away or leave behind.

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